Cameras & Photo Film Photography Darkroom & Developing Film Development Chemicals
3 CANS Kodak Selectol Soft Photographic Paper Developer In Can Makes 3 Gallons
Kodak Dektol B&W Paper Developer Powder makes 1 Gallon #5160270 (1464726)
Photographers' Formulary PMK Formula Film Developer 25 Liter #015045
Ilford Ilfotec DD-X Film Developer, 1 Liter #1155055
Kodak D-76 Developer CAT 8275497 Makes 1 liter
Berg Brilliant Blue Toning Solution - Makes 1 Quart - NEW
Chapman Center exhibit traces history of photography
If you take the time to understand that it is the photographic process — 8-by-10 view camera and printed in platinum — used to create this photo ... on glass plates or film and painstakingly developed in a darkroom with chemical baths ...
Post-process: why the smartphone camera changed photography forever
The last time I used my Leica was before Facebook was launched ... But no matter how enthusiastically I started, the pictures would most likely languish on the hard drives that had replaced my binders full of negatives. When I was shooting film, the ...
Film Cameras Help Young People Act On Nostalgia For A Time They Never Knew
Some young people are trying their hand at photography ... approach the photos as when they get them back in a whole new way. SILVERMAN: Now, we're at Penn Camera in Washington. If you shoot on film and don't have your own darkroom, this is ...
This Is What It's Like Making Tintypes with Civil War Cameras
In recent years, there's been something a resurgence in tintype photography, resurrecting one of the oldest methods of taking a photo ... he takes tintype photographs using Civil War era cameras and lenses. In the video below, you can watch him go through ...
JARDINE: Modesto JC photography class eschews digital technology
Which brings us to the photo lab and specifically its darkroom ... and developing techniques that digital photography editing simply can't match. Earlier this week, his students printed 30-by-30-inch black-and-white mural photos, all shot on film cameras.
Kodak Flexicolor C41 Film SM Kit F1 8740110 - OUTDATED February 2013 - NOS
Kodak D-60 Developer to make 1 Gallons
Kodak Kodalk Balanced Alkali (Sodium Metaborate) 1LB / 454 grams Cat 1463165
Kodak Professional Line Copy Film Developer Makes 1 Gallon IN TIN CAN 
Adox ATOMAL 49 powder B&W film developer - for 1 liter
Solarol Developer for Black & White Paper - Makes 2 Quarts - NEW
Kodak 1464106 Liquid Rapid Fixer Solution for B/W Film #1464106-5160353
Vintage Dektol Kodak Developer
Vintage Kodak ELON Film Developing Agent Amber Jar Photographic Chemistry  
Heico Perma Wash (Liquid) for Black & White Film & Paper - 1 Gallon Qk washtime
Arista 76 powder film developer - to make 1 Gallon
Vintage Kodak Tri-Chem Pack Kodak Dektol Developer, Stop Bath, Universal Fixer
Kodak Potassium Bromide 1LB / 454 grams Cat 1463272 Developer Fog Preventer
Vintage BrownGlass Jug Jar 13 1/2" Marked on the Bottom
4 Kodak Technidol Liquid Developer Packets For Technical Pan Film Ea.makes 8 oz
Photographers' Formulary 130 Paper Developer 2-3 Liter #020070
9 Packages - Kodak Dektol Developer CAT 146 4726
Kodak Photo-flo 600 Concentrate Cat 146 4528
Kodak 1533942 Hypo Clearing Agent makes 1.25 gallons.
LOT C-41 Color Negative Film Developing Chemicals Fuji Hunt N1-A N4 N1-B N1S
Ilford Rapid Fixer 1 Liters #1984262
Edwal One-Step Tank, Tray and Rack Cleaner For Black & White photo equipment32oz
Vintage Agfa Atomal Ultra Fine-grain Film Developer to make 35 fl oz
Kodak D-76 Developer (Powder) for Black & White Film - Makes 1 Liter
Kodak Flexicolor Stabilizer III & Replenisher C-41 Kodak 196 5482 (1 Bottle)
Dektol Paper Developer, 1Gallon mix
Adorama 1 Quart Universal Fixer, B/W Film/Paper #100815
Kodak D-76 Developer Powder, B and W Film 1 Gallon
Kodak Technidol Liquid Film Developer for Technical Pan Film CAT #1083849
Ilford ID-11 Fine Grain Developer for B/W Film, 1 Lt #1960457
Methyl Paraben, methylparaben 8 oz USP grade
Eastman Kodak Company dektol developer (2) vintage cans makes 1/2 Gallon each
Photographic Solutions Pec Pad Lint Free Photo Wipes / 4x4 100 sheet pack
Rare 3oz. Size Kodak Selectol Developer For Warm Tone Papers Makes 1/2 Gallon
Lauder 76 Film Developer powder makes 1 gallon total 8 packets
Ilford Bromophen B&W Paper Developer - 1 Quart
Kodak DK-50 Developper 2 1Gal 1 Dk50R Replenisher can
Vintage Kodak Crocein Scarlet For Retouching Negatives 1 oz Amber Jar
Kodak Fixer 1 Gal
Kodak Dektol Developer (Powder) for B&W Paper -Makes 1 Gallon/3.8 Liters 5160270
NEW & UNOPENED Kodak Dektol Powder Developer - Gallon, 1464726
Kodak hobby pac liquid black and white film developer 4 packetseach makes 1 pint
Kodak Dektol Developer Powder for B&W Papers Stock solution 2 Liter
Kodak 1464080 Kodafix Black/White Film with Hardener #5160460
Pyrocat-HD in glycol is a high acutance developer (10 liters), Alt. photography
Vintage 5 Pound Amber Jar w/ KODAK POTASSIUM ALUM Fine Granular Powder Darkroom
Propyl Paraben preservative 8 Oz
Vintage Soviet Russian B&W Photo Paper Or Film Developing Chemicals LOMOGRAPHY
Kallitype Sensitizer 2x50 ml (Alternative photography)
Fotospeed BT20 Blue Toner Kit - B&W Photo Darkroom
2 B&W Sprint Archive Fixer Remover for Black & White Film & Paper 4 Liter FR004R
2pcs DEVELOPING Chemical TRAYS Dish 8x10" for Darkroom Photographic Films Studio
Fotospeed FD10 liquid film developer - 250ml
Autofine Replenisher for Autofine B&W Film Developer Make 1 Quart - New
Photographers' Formulary TD-30 Dektol Paper Developer #020045
Ethol Film Developer Makes 1 quart - New
Vintage Kodak Indicator Stop Bath 16 oz 2/3 Full L#219
Photographers' Formulary New Cyanotype Printing Kit #070095
Kodak Hypo Cleaning Agent Photo Photographic 153 3942 Develop Camera Developing
Ilford Bromophen Powder Black White Paper Developer - 5 Liter #1960549
Kodak Professional Rapid Fixer With Hardener
Kodak Dektol Developper 4-1/2gal formulas
Kodak D-11 Developper 2 1Gal Fixer 1 Gal
DK-50 Developer Kodak Vintage Sealed in Can US 1 Gallon Continuous Tone Negative
Edwal Ultra Black Print & Paper Developer Packet to make a Quart of Concentrate
Pure Sodium Sulfite Chemicals for less 5 Lb
Ilford Microphen Fine Grain Developer for B/W Film #1960518
Kodak Dektol Black/White Paper Developer~Photography Darkroom~2 Pack Cans
Acufine Diafine 2 Bath Black/White Film Developer 1Qt Solution #DFD32
Ilford Universal PQ Paper Developer 5 Liter #1757314
Kodak Professional Rapid Fixer With Hardener
Sprint Standard Black White Film Developer, 1 Liter #FL001-R
Solarol Developer - Makes 2 Quarts -
Kodak DEKTOL Developer (Powder) for B & W paper - Makes 1 Gallon /3.8 Liter
Photographers' Formulary TD-16 Improved D-76 Film Developer 1-4 Liters #010270
Kodak D-76 Developper 1Gal bag
Kodak D-76 Film Developer - 1 Gallon
Ilford Bromophen B&W Paper Developer - 1 Gallon
Kodak Sodium Sulfite Anhydrous 16 Oz Jar Photographic Chemistry Film Processing
Protect your clothes while developing in the darkroom A
Ilford Perceptol Fine Grain Developer for B/W Film, 1Lt #1960529
Kodak Professional Developer D76, CAT 1464817, 1 pkg, NEW old stock, EXP 5/2015
Kodak Hypo Clearing TM ~ 5 gal.
Copper Intensifier for Fixing Thin black & white negatives or Toning B&W Prints
Kodak 1464254 Hypo Clearing Agent for Removal of Fixer #5160338
Film developer 5 Gallons makes 40 gallons
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Instant forever
“The purpose of inventing instant photography ... one classic analog camera, the 300 model, which uses business-card size instant film.) But why do people still want Polaroid photographs in an age when digital-camera filters and photo apps can exactly ...
Bill Ward column: Digital vs. film photography
Adams did his work on film and printed his images on photo ... to a wet darkroom. And since they can see instant results with digital images in their cameras, why should they? A perception exists that more of a challenge is found with film photography ...
The ever evolving smartphone camera
Windows Phone (though Nokia first used large sensors on their now out-dated Symbian platform with the Nokia PureView 808). My point and shoot has been gathering dust for a while. I look at it and think, “I’ll just use my iPhone if I want to take a ...
Who Invented the Camera?
But Daguerreotypes dominated early photography in part thanks to a clever compromise ... in 1850. By 1890, the United States had 20,000 professional photographers. At the turn of the 19th century, one man in particular had a significant hand in making ...
Chapman Center exhibit traces history of photography
If you take the time to understand that it is the photographic process — 8-by-10 view camera and printed in platinum — used to create this photo ... on glass plates or film and painstakingly developed in a darkroom with chemical baths ...
Captured on film
For Chin, shooting with film cameras gives him an undescribable feeling of utmost satisfaction, especially when he completes developing ... about the photo at the back of the film before they shoot. Although his involvement with film photography started ...