Cameras & Photo Film Photography Darkroom & Developing Film Development Chemicals
Photo Quality Hydroquinone 100 grams
Hydroxylamine sulfate 20 gr - bottle
Vintage Kodak Indicator Stop Bath 16 oz 2/3 Full L#219
Kodak Dektol B&W Paper Developer 154 3966 1 litre
Kodak Professional Fixer
Technidol Liquid Developer Box, 6 Packets for Technical Pan Film, Fast Shipping!
Photo Paper Developer Chemical - Sodium Carbonate 3 pounds
Formulary Sodium Sulfite, Anhydrous 1 Lb. 10-1340
Pyrocat HD (glycol mixed) b/w film developer - 10 liters working solution
Kodak PolyMax T Developer Cubitaner (1 Gallon) #864 8834 NEW
Microphen b/w film developer - substitution of original Ilford's formula
KODAK DEVELOPER DK-50 vintage amber glass jars unUSED photograph camera film
AP-tol ascorbic phenidone BW film developer pseudo XTOL
Formulary Sodium Carbonate Monohydrate 1 Lb. 10-1190
Kodak Spotting Colors for Retouching Prints and Negatives - Three Colors
One (1) Case Of Ilford Perceptol Developer for B/W Film, 1Lt #1960529 - 12 Boxes
#8298 ***Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner for Black & White Enlarging Papers
Kodak Fixer Black White Film and Paper, Powder to Make 1-Gallon. #5160320
4 NEW Kodak D-76 Film Developer 4-Packages to Make 1 US Gallon Each 123 0937
Kodak Kodaflix Solution Bottle
D-76 black & white film developer *** 1 liter ***
Kodak Dektol Cold-Tone Developer for B&W Paper to Make 1 Gallon (NOS)
1Tetenal Dokumol 1L & Tetenal Contour Developer Powder Part 1 & 2 Kit NEW
kodak D-76 Developer Powder to make 1 Gallon for Black & White Film 5160296
vintage retouching colors for ektacolor prints, Retouch Methods Co. New Jersey
2 Bags Kodak Developer D-76 Old Stock Black & White
Vintage FR F R Fixol Concentrated Photographic Acid Fixing Hardening Solution
2 Heico Perma-Wash HG85 For B&W Film & Paper Pre-Wash 1 Quart Makes 11 Gallons
Kodak Collectible Bottles Set of Three
Formulary Fixer 24 to make 4 Litres 03-0040
Kodak Kodalith Developer Part A B 146-5152 Film Paper High Contrast Application
Lot of 2 Kodak Spotting Colors for Retouching Prints and Negatives -Three Colors
Fujifilm P2s bleach fix start up kit
Vintage Old Lot of Developing Film Chemicals Agfa Kodak Victor Antique #2
Kodak Fixer (Powder) for Black & White Film & Paper 1 Gallon Mix- BRAND NEW!
Fujifilm Digital RA Pro P1-R Developer Replenisher Makes 4 x 10 Liters of Replen
Ilford ilfotol with recipe for Best Vinyl Record Cleaning Solution 10ml for 2 Lt
Kodak RA Prime SP Paper Developer Replenisher, 10 Liters. #8644809
CROCEIN SCARLET DYE - 1 OUNCE for photo retouching
Galaxy Paper Direct Positive Photo Paper Developing Outfit, 1 Liter #500365
Photographers' Formulary TD-16 Improved D-76 Film Developer 1-4 Liters #01-0270
Kodak Ektacolor RA Paper Developer / Replinisher RT, 10 Liters. #8415580
Kodak sodium hydroxide - CAT#190 1040 - NEW IN PACKAGE!!! - BRAND NEW!
Edwal No Scratch 1oz Bottle of Negative / Film Scratch Eliminator Full Bottle
Kodak Microdol-X Developer (NOS) Vintage Antique Film Developer Metal Can
Lot Kodak Potassium Ferricyanide Bromide Sodium Bisulfite
Copper/Red Toner, Photographic, 2 Liter kit
Ilford Multigrade Developer 500ml
Practical Photography A Manual of Bromil../1927/original 1st Ed | Fairly rare l
Kodak Dektol Black & White Paper Developer Powder to make 1 Gallon #5160270
Kodak DEKTOL Developer (Powder) for B & W paper - Makes 1 Gallon /3.8 Liter
kodak d-76
Kodak Dektol Developer Powder 1 Gallon CAT 146 4726
Kodak 19.4 oz. Bags Dektol B&W Paper Developer Powder makes 1 Gallon 146 4726
Kodak Replenisher DK-50R New Old Stock
Vintage Bottle Kodak Indicator Stop Bath 16 oz L#179
Kodak 1464254 Hypo Clearing Agent for Removal of Fixer #5160338
Can of Kodak DEKTOL DEVELOPER -- Makes 1 Quart -- Single Powder
Kodak FIXER (Powder) for Black & White Film & paper, Makes 1 Gallon /3.8 Liter
Sealed Can of Kodak Developer D-76 14 oz. To Make 1 Gallon
Kodak Spotting Colors for retouching prints and negatives
Kodak Fixer and Wash System Cleaner 1395110 Expired
Ilford Ilfotec DD-X Film Developer, 1 Liter #1155055
3 CANS Kodak Selectol Soft Photographic Paper Developer In Can Makes 3 Gallons
Vintage Kodak Tri-Chem Pack For Prints NOS
1) Kodak Microdol-X Developer to make 1 U.S. Gallon
Color reversal old Ektachrome film processing kit VNF-1/RVNP - ***very rare***
Original FR Corporation FR Home Developing and Printing Kit With Instructions
Chemicals for platinum/VDB alternative processes
KF-2 acidic fixer - for black & white film and paper *** 1 liter ***
Propyl Paraben preservative 8 Oz
Kodak Microdol replenisher
Rockland Colloid Liquid Light, Black White Emulsion, 8oz. #RCLLE8
NOS ACUFINE FILM DEVELOPER 8.4 oz. to make 1 Gallon Fine Grain
Color reversal film processing kit 9165 + ***5 films ORWO UT-18***
Pyrocat-MC Staining Film Developer (to make 28 litres of working solution)
Kodak Ektacolor 807-9782 Processing Unit Part A and Part B New open Box
Marshall's Retouch Colors - Lot of 7 sienna red blue green violet & MORE - used
Vintage Old Lot of Developing Film Chemicals Du Pont Eastman Kodak Ansco NOS?
NOS Kodak 16oz Indictor Stop Bath Makes Over 8 Gallons
AGFA Agfacolor - First Developer for Reversal Films
NOS ACUFINE FILM DEVELOPER to make 1 Quart Fine Grain
Kodak Flexicolor final rinse & replenisher 12-10 liter 813-6368
Kodak Microdol-X Developer Replenisher for Film 1lb Canister NEW Old Stock
Kodak Dektol Developer (NOS) Vintage Antique Film Developer Metal Can ½ Gallon
Formulary Stain Remover 8 oz. 05-0105
Patterson 22 Ounce Darkroom Graduate Beaker
Kodak D-76 B&W Film Developer Powder 146 4817 1 gal. - same as 516 0296
Ilford Washaid 1lt (1litre)
Kodak Direct Positive Film Bleach 3.5oz (makes 32oz dissolved)
Formulary Copper Toner to make 2 Litres 06-0010
Ilford Ilfostop Stop Bath 500 Milliliter Bottle. #1893870
Kodak Hypo Clearing Agent
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The Power of a Camera and the Rarest Thing in Filmmaking
It seemed to me, when I was 12, it took forever. He took like 45 minutes trying to decide between, “Should I get the Canon F-1 or the Canon FTb?” The Canon F-1 was like the best camera they made and the FTb was sort of one level down. I was getting ...
Stores cancel film development in photo labs
Like many everyday consumers from the digital generation, photographer and studio art major Brandi Roach prefers to use a digital camera ... to stop developing film in their onsite photo labs, she said that it does not make a difference to her photography.
Polaroid introduces the instant camera, February 21, 1947
The Land camera, as it was originally known, contained a roll of positive paper with a pod of developing chemicals at the top of each frame ... The 1963 introduction of Polacolor film enabled the cameras to produce color pictures. Edwin Land was a prolific ...
Old School-New School photography chat with local photographer John Milleker Jr.
The whole film is better, digital is better, this camera system over this one. Just shoot. The camera is just a light proof box with a hole in it anyway, and at this point they all make great photos ... to do my own darkroom work but photography classes ...
Fairbanks photographer embraces old technology in Homer
In the days of cell phone and digital cameras, where applications like Hipstamatic and Instagram create photo ... film photography, the collodion process and camera uses the same principle. Through a lens, project an image onto light-sensitive chemicals ...
Instant forever
“The purpose of inventing instant photography ... one classic analog camera, the 300 model, which uses business-card size instant film.) But why do people still want Polaroid photographs in an age when digital-camera filters and photo apps can exactly ...